War Horse is a Magical Night at the Theater

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Rarely does one experience a truly magical evening at the theater. That is what I experienced recently at the opening night  performance of War Horse at the Winspear Opera House.

The Artistry of War Horse

War Horse, based on the Michael Morpurgo novel is brought to life with the magnificent artistry of South Africa’s Handspring Puppet Company. It is also the winner of 5 Tony Awards, including Best Play. The horses, built with leather, steel and aircraft cables are brought to life by a team of extraordinarily gifted puppeteers. They breath life into Joey, from a young pony to a full grown horse in war-torn Europe. As you are drawn into the story, you soon forget the puppeteers are on stage and all you see are the horses.

War Horse,  the  story of a young boy’s love for his horse, Joey is told with the use of the most incredible staging, lighting and artistry. With a simple set and fantastic lighting designed by Rae Smith (Tony Award winner for Best Scenic Design of a Play) and beautiful songs sung by John Milosich, War Horse whisked you off to the countryside of Devon, England.

Albert is an only child and he forms a strong bond with his horse, Joey. But soon, the two are separated when Joey is sold to the military at the start of World War I. Even though he is not old enough to enlists, Albert sets off to find his horse.

The war is seen both from Joey’s eyes as he goes from being an English Calvary officer’s pampered horse to near death in “No Man’s Land” on the front lines and through the eyers of young Albert.

Don’t miss War Horse. It is truly a magical evening of theater.  War Horse is playing at the Winspear Opera House from September 12 -23, 2012. Tickets are available at ATTPAC.

This is a story about the brutality and unjust nature of war. There are some violent elements that might not be appropriate for very young children.


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