Whole Food Concierge Promotes FEED 100 Bag Program

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The bag was inspired by the need to take better care of our children and our planet. This sturdy bag is a lightweight, fresh white, cotton tote that collapses easily into its base: a rectangular burlap zippered pouch emblazoned with the FEED 100 logo.

In addition to being a great green alternative to paper or plastic bags, each purchase of a FEED 100 bag will provide 100 nutritious school meals for hungry children through the UN World Food Program. Each bag will give 100 full bellies to children in school, encouraging education and leading to brighter futures for kids around the world. School feeding is one of the most effective solutions to stopping hunger and breaking the poverty cycle. Since 2003, the World Food Program has provided free, nutritious school lunches to Rwanda’s children in 300 schools in the most food-deprived areas. Each hot, nutrient-rich meal draws boys and girls to school, helps them learn, and may be the only meal they have all day. School attendance has grown from 63 percent to 93 percent, and to help close the educational gender gap, girls with good attendance may receive extra rations to take home to their families. Girls with just a few years of education have fewer children, have them later in life, and are better prepared to care for and educate them.

The bags are not only made from eco-minded materials they are being crafted in one of the world’s few certified facilities ensuring fair treatment of workers, livable wages, paid overtime, safe and clean working environments, benefits and vacation time.

Available at Whole Food Store nationwide. To have your Feed 100 Bag shipped, contact:
Whole Foods MarketHighland Park
4100 Lomo Alto
Highland Park, TX 75219

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